What happens if a Lanternfly bites you?

The Spottled Lanternfly is not harmful to humans. They do not sting or bite, but they can be very destructive to many crops, trees and plants. They can also make a mess in your yard by excreting a sticky substance that causes the growth of black sooty mold.


  • Appearance evolves dramatically throughout its lifecycle
  • Attacks grapes, hops, many fruits and vegetables, hardwoods and more than 100 plants
  • Does not sting or bite humans or pets
  • Main host is the invasive plant called Tree of Heaven
  • Plant hopper and excellent jumper
  • Poor flyer
  • Very effective hitchhiker from state to state on vehicles and on goods, such as firewood

How You Can Help

  1. Educate yourself: Learn about the spotted lanternfly so that you know how to recognize the insect throughout its life cycle. 
  2. Inspect your surroundings: Look for spotted lanternfly egg masses and insects by checking tree trunks, wheel wells, under and around vehicles, lawn furniture, fences, storage sheds, rocks, metal surfaces (especially if they are rusty) and other smooth surfaces. 
  3. Squash: Kill live insects on sight; and squash/scrape off their egg masses. 
  4. Call: Take a photo of the bugs and/or egg masses and call us at Talent Termite!

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