We provide moisture and termite inspections for real estate agents and prospective homebuyers in Hampton Roads. Get a professional termite/moisture report (TMR) to have confidence in your home’s safety.

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Inspection and Termite/Moisture Report (TMR)

Talent Pest Control serves agents and prospective homebuyers in the homebuying process by inspecting a property for termites and moisture prior to sale of the home. Since a clear termite/moisture report (TMR) is required for most real estate transactions, we perform inspections on home foundations (crawlspace and slab) to inform the buyer of any existing or potential issues and ensure a smooth closing.

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Termite Damage Repair

In the event of us issuing a clear letter, no further services are required. If we find evidence of wood-destroying insects and/or excessive moisture, we will send a proposal for the requisite repairs, perform them, and issue a clear letter at no additional cost.

We repair existing termite damage and prevent it from happening again. We provide a barrier of protection to your most important asset—your home.

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Nothing's more valuable than your home and the people in it. Call today to book a service and ensure your home remains a safe space for your family by using our pest control services in Hampton Roads.

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