Meet Rocky

Rocky handles our followup program to provide unmatched customer service in our industry. If you’re a Talent Termite customer your complete satisfaction with our services is paramount. Chances are you’ve already heard from Rocky; if not, you will soon!

She came a long way…

Rocky is a single mom with a 2 year old daughter named Elena. She is active in her church and has an active role in the leadership of their youth ministry.

Where does she get the time?

Besides being a single mom, working full time and raising her daughter, Rocky is also a level 2 Crossfit trainer and studies Martial Arts…whew! (see more photos below)

Looking ahead…

Rocky loves her job at Talent Termite and we couldn’t be happier to have her with us – she’s an amazing addition to our team and our customers love her too!

Rocky hopes to become a firefighter and the next enrollment available is in October of this year. She’s going to stay with us while she’s in school and hopefully she will continue serving our customers even after she becomes a firefighter.