More about Sean…

Prior to coming to Talent Termite, Sean worked on construction projects where he tested concrete for proper strength. If it didn’t pass, the concrete truck was rejected. This is an unseen yet very important part of the construction process.

Sean continues his on-the-job education with Talent Termite and loves his boss – he says Nathan is the best boss he’s ever worked for. He also likes the working atmosphere and the people he works with.

Like many who call Hampton Roads home, Sean’s father was in the Navy and though Sean was born in Ohio, he’s lived most of his life here in Chesapeake.


Sean has a two year old Pit Bull named Adrik and they love the beach – and when he’s not working, you’ll likely find him walking the beach with his dog.

We’re proud of Sean and the fine work he’s doing. We’re always looking for good people and Sean’s future is bright here at Talent Termite.