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Tips for Rat Control

Eliminate Conditions That Attract Rodents During rodent-related service calls and inspections, environmental health practitioners should advise residents and business owners to eliminate conditions that may attract and support rodent presence. Preventive actions include sealing up access into homes and businesses, removing debris and heavy vegetation, keeping garbage in tightly covered bins, and removing pet and bird […]

January Tips: Common Pests in January

RATS live in fields, farm lands and structures. They enter homes looking for food sources. They can chew wiring and cause fires. They also carry diseases. MICE breed rapidly and adapts quickly to changing conditions. Their droplets of urine can cause allergies in children. Mice can bring fleas, ticks and lice into your home. SQUIRRELS will invade homes, […]

November Pest Control Tips

house flies - November tips for pest removal

Fly Facts Non-biting flies, such as houseflies, are not only nuisance pests, but they are also responsible for transmitting diseases and contaminating food. For instance, flies are capable of contaminating food and transferring more than 100 pathogens, including malaria, salmonella and tuberculosis. Food contamination is one of the main reasons that fly pest control is […]

Top 7 Questions About Your Crawl Space and What You Can Do About It

inaccessible crawlspace entrance - measuring crawlspace for inspection

1. What if my crawl door is too small to access? Answer: Due to different building types, some crawl spaces don’t provide much clearance. And some are just downright tight! While there are circumstances in which crawl spaces are inaccessible, most can be accessed with a bit of creativity. One solution involves creating another crawl entrance […]