Talent Spotlight: Chuck Roach

Yep, That’s his real name. He’s in the right business too. Chuck has been in the pest control business for nearly 40 years. 

Early Years & Career

Born in Harrisonburg, VA, Chuck moved at an early age to Winchester, VA. Then in his 20s he went to work for a pest control company and learned the business from the ground up. He later bought into a pest control company that was doing $700K annually and with his knowledge and hard work Chuck built the company up to $10M in annual billing. 

Move to Hampton Roads

Chuck moved to Hampton Roads in ’97 and started Clean Crawls; a company that performed crawl space inspections and provided moisture control and pest services.

Chuck met Nathan Bullock who had recently started Talent Termite and though Chuck was self employed Nathan invited him to do an inspection with him. The two hit it off and Chuck joined the staff of the fast-growing Talent Termite team.

Family & Interests

Soon after his move to the Hampton Roads area, Chuck met Tammy, the love of his life. They’ve been married 18 years and together they have two sons and a daughter. They now have seven grandchildren.

Chuck likes fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and motorcycles when he’s not killing bugs. 

Serving Others

Chuck enjoys solving problems and helping people. He sees his business as one of serving others and it shows in his interactions.

Chuck is a great part of the Talent Termite team and we are fortunate to have his experience and integrity on the job. Nathan says Chuck is the role model that all his people should emulate. Thanks Chuck!